Plasma Skin Tightening Aftercare

It is critical to follow all aftercare instructions to prevent complications, scarring and to achieve optimum results. Please read carefully.

Plasma skin tightening is performed with a device that causes gentle skin trauma to the skin creating tiny minuscule scabs in a grid…. As these scabs heal our natural fibroblast cells merge together tightening the skin and responds by generating collagen and elasticity.


It is critical that you allow the scabs to dislodge by themselves as picking will give poor results to the outcome. Scabs will come off after approximately  5-10 days and new skin will be pink.


Apply with a clean cotton bud a rice size of your complimentary healing gel morning and night for 4 weeks

you must continue to apply to assist in the healing of your skin

It is important to keep the area completely dry until the scabs have come off this includes sweating, swimming and dousing your face with water.

After your treatment you will feel tender, your skin warm and the scabs will appear darker and the day progresses the scabs will appear bigger and swell will set in. You may also feel itchy as part of the tightening process it is important that you do not scratch the scabs

Do not apply makeup or any other products other than the healing gel over the area until the scabs have fallen off.

It is very important to be consistent with sun protection you should avoid sun exposure for 3months whilst the skin is still healing to avoid pigmentation. Wear a hat, sunglasses and 50+ Sunscreen at all times.

 Do not have Laser, peels, scrubs and glycolic treatments for 3months (Please check your skin care ingredients) Do NOT wax the area for 8 weeks.

 This procedure will not stop your aging process, depending on your skin and your expectation, in some cases areas may need more than 1 procedure with 12 week intervals as each person’s skin responds differently.

 Eyes…any treatment around the eyes will cause swelling which varied from person to person. This is normal in your healing and should last approx. 2-4 days. It is recommended that some home healing time over the first 2-3, Occasionally it is advised to take 2-3 days off work as in some cases the swelling can impede your vision.

It is also advised that sleeping in an elevated position can assist in the reduction of swelling

On the first day you can use a cold compress wrapped in fabric 10min on 10 min off. 

If after 3 days you have still a considerable amount of swelling you can have an anti-histamine to assist. Keep in mind swelling is normal and this assisting in the smoothing of your skin.


LIPS…. Any trauma to the lip can encourage a cold sore outbreak. It is highly recommended your take a course of Famvir from your pharmacy before and after your treatment.


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