BB Glow Skin Treatment

Get the no makeup glow....

What is BB Glow Skin Treatment?

Using a micro needing device a tinted serum is placed in the epidermis of the skin (Top Layer). the benefits are boost in collagen, treating fine lines, deep cleanses, minimizes large pores, smooths the skin texture as well as evening out skin tone. The coverage is likened to a BB cream, hence the name. you cannot achieve a full coverage foundation effect with this procedure but if a you are wanting the achieve healthy natural glowing skin, then this is the procedure for you. Please note this is NOT cosmetic tattooing.

How many session do i need?

It is recommenced that 3 consecutive or more sessions 1 weeks apart to reach the full effect

How long will it last?

After the 3 consecutive sessions....Generally depending on your skin renewal it will last approx 3 months and will shed with your natural skin renewal just like a suntan. 

Can anyone have the BB glow procedure?

It is not recommended for those that are  pregnant, breastfeeding, keloid scaring. 

Is there any downtime?

No, there may be some redness for 24 hrs and makeup can be worn the next day, the skin will present as smooth and plumped and there is no skin shedding.  It is important as the skin heals that you avoid the sun for 1 weeks and apply 50% sunscreen. It is also important abstain from skin care containing active ingredients for 3 days whilst the skin is healing.