How to prepare for your tattoo....

If you would like to be pre-numbed prior to your appointment, please purchase EMLA cream from your local pharmacy. Apply a thick layer 60 min prior to your appointment and wrap "Cling Wrap" as a bandanna around your head for best effects. (please do not do this of eyeliner)

Avoid alcohol and caffeine 24hrs prior.

If you suffer with diabetes, heart condition, undergoing chemotherapy, take blood thinning medication or any other medical issues you must have a doctors letter of consent to bring to your appointment.

Cease 1 week prior Fish Oil, Krill Oil, Ibuprofen and Aspirin.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or keloid scar you are not able to be tattooed.

Please do not tint your brows unless you are prepared to continue with tinting after your tattoo as the colour is matched to your brow hairs. Your brows will be groomed by Jay on the day of your tattoo.

Cosmetic Injections is ideally performed 2 weeks after your tattoo to avoid unevenness as your fillers wear off.

Wash your hair prior to your tattoo as you are not able to get your tattoo wet for 7 days.

Please do NOT wear makeup to your appointment, you may draw your brows on to give the idea of your expectations.

For safety reasons children are not allowed in the clinic.

Full payment is required on the day of your procedure with Cash, EFTPOS or ZipPay. Please note that all EFTPOS payments incur a 1.9% surcharge. ZipPay incur a 4% surcharge Afterpay incur a 6% surcharge. Any monies paid is non refundable. If you are paying with ZipPay or Afterpayplease ensure that you have already obtained approval and you can access through your smart device.

If you are more than 15 min late,fail to show your appointment or give 48 hrs notice you forfeit your deposit and a new appointment will have to be booked. Appointments outside the 48 hrs can be rescheduled online.


Please do not wear contact lenses.

Please remove all lash extensions before your procedure.

Please cease the use of lash serums 6 weeks prior.


Exfoliate lips every day for one week prior and apply lip balm. You can make a paste of sugar and olive oil for lip scrub. Please make sure your body is hydrated.

Please ensure that you take an anti viral (cold sore) preventative prior as per instructions. Famvir can be purchased from your pharmacy taken as directed. Alternatively a Doctor can prescribe Valtrex.

Please bring a lipstick colour of your preferred colour to be colour matched for your pigment colour.